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GIF Comic Review:

Newaxeyes Sound Like the Internet, Funerals and Government Conspiracies

by Kelton Sears, Seattle Weekly

Newaxeyes don’t really sound like anybody else in Seattle, which is why I really dig them. They use samplers, crazy distorted synth drums, gut shaking digital low-end, and gorgeous guitar melodies (that often descend into chaos) to make this music that sounds like the internet holding a funeral dirge for the death of humankind.
— Kelton Sears, Seattle Weekly



Newaxeyes Scramble Samples & Smear Boundaries:

Seattle's Freshest Master Manipulators Discuss Music, Information, and Millennials

by Dave Segal, The Stranger

β€œAssange” combines deeply poignant guitar chimes Γ  la Terje Rypdal’s β€˜70s ECM LPs with some of the grittiest, slitheriest beats heard this decade. It’s an anomalous beauty. β€œChurch” is pregnant with jet-engine roar, prowling guitar, and bass figures in the vein of Codeine, and a sluggish boom-bap that bumps with the doom-laden finality of mid-β€˜90s Scorn. A madly scrambled blues vocal sample tops the track like erratically applied whipped cream to a lead pie.
— Dave Segal, The Stranger