Film / Video

"Waldean" (2015)

Director/Cinematographer: Jacob Rosen
Choreographer: Kate Wallich
Editor: Gustavo Roman
Composer/Sound Designer: William Hayes
Audio Mastering: Will Smith
Title Design: Julian Strait
Production Assistant: Lauren Colton

From the director: 
"Waldean grew up in NYC, traveling to dance classes because they weren't readily available, learning and working his ass off. First studying Physics before getting his degree in Architecture, but kept coming back to dance. He struggled with his identity of being a gay man and the sacrifices of pursuing a life as a full time dancer. This is a story about the pursuit of perfection, the sacrifices we make to achieve our goals and learning to accept ourselves for who we truly are. Currently dancing with Göteborgsoperans Danskompani, Waldean is one of the most gracious, humble and hard-working individuals I've had the pleasure to know and call a friend."

The Pendleton House presents: "9andOne" (2014)

Director: Tyler Coray
Choreographer: Babette Pendleton
Director of Photography: Jordan Rundle, Tyler Coray
Dancers: Ariana Bird, Matt Drews, Micaela Taylor
Music: William Hayes
String Sculpture: Christopher Walsh
Production Assistants: Coulliette, Makenzie Stone

"Afterlife" (2013)

Video: Jordan Rundle
Sound: William Hayes


Video: Jordan Rundle
Sound: William Hayes


"Cane" Score (2013)

Video: Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program
Composer: William Hayes

In my senior year at Cornish College of the Arts I took a film scoring course instructed by composer Hummie Mann (Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Dracula: Dead and Loving It, Tiny Toon Adventures).
The final assignment was to score an excerpt from a short film called "Cane".


Music video for "Lips" (2013)

Video: William Hayes
Music: Newaxeyes

Music video for "Dennis" (2013)

Video: William Hayes
Music: Newaxeyes